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Basics: Filing your taxes Online.

The IRS encourages taxpayers to file their tax returns electronically (online tax preparation). The online service offered by Axis Payroll is $7.95 in charge, fast and reliable. You can search for a coupon code by going to our blog (blogs.m.justdropped.cn)

According to the IRS, e-file (online tax filing) also expedites tax refunds, shaving a week off the average time of three weeks to process a return. Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia participate in IRS e-file's filing program so that you may file a state tax return together with your federal tax return.

Additional features of Axis Payroll’s e-file include:

Security. Choose a five-digit, self-selected personal identification number (PIN) to substitute as an electronic signature. You can also elect to sign IRS Form 8453, which authenticates your electronic signature and authorizes electronic payments and tax refunds between you and the IRS.

Accuracy. The IRS claims an error rate of less than 1% with e-file, well below an historical rate of about 20% for paper returns.

Verification. The IRS sends an electronic verification within two business days to our website. (Note: Before the originator can submit your tax return with e-file, you will need to give it W-2 forms for the tax year.)


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